Hamburger Hamlet’s Salvation Comes From Killer Shrimp

Hamburger Hamlet’s Salvation Comes From Killer Shrimp

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Rejoice Hamburger Hamlet fans! A bonafide redeemer is on the way in the form of Killer Shrimp (yes that’s the restaurant name) owner Kevin Michaels and his partner Brett Doherty, who are reviving the last location back to life.

Listed here, this August 5 ABC license indicates the ownership changeover. Though that doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the concept’s staying the same, the new DBA lists Hamburger Hamlet as the restaurant title. So, all the fans of the beloved chain will once again be able to re-live the fond memories. Previously, the Hamlet’s return had been announced though the place never re-opened. Still no word on when the door open again, but at least the backing behind this venture is on the solid side.


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