More on Killer Shrimp’s Hamburger Hamlet Revival

More on Killer Shrimp’s Hamburger Hamlet Revival

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Old school is in, which means Killer Shrimp is committed to both reviving and sprucing up the Hamburger Hamlet brand in Sherman Oaks. Last week came the discovery that Kevin Michaels and partner Brett Doherty purchased the last remaining Hamlet on the face of the earth with the intent of keeping the original burgers, shakes, and specialties that Hamlet fans will love.

While the Sherman Oaks branch will re-open in late August, the space will get a full interior upgrade come early 2015. Michaels and Doherty also plan to spread the gospel of Hamburger Hamlet across the L.A., with their eyes on Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Brentwood, West LA, and other coastal locations. Anyone who’s afraid that Killer Shrimp might be taking OVER the Hamlet spot with their own concept should know this: Killer Shrimp is actually planning a return to The Valley in the near future in a separate location. Developing…


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